Susana Lieri, Senior Conference Service Manager, The Resort at Pedregal

Stories of Pedregal: Susana’s Story

Meet Susana Liera, one of the most promising professionals on staff at The Resort at Pedregal, and an integral member of our event planning team. Joining The Resort at Pedregal family in December 2013 as a telephone operator, Susana has since perfected the art of guest services and hospitality as a concierge, sales, and catering management team member. As our Conference Service Manager, Susana ensures events, meetings, and conferences at our resort in Cabo San Lucas are seamless and satisfy our guests’ every demand. Overseeing the expansive, intimate, and award-winning event venues and meeting spaces at The Resort at Pedregal,
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Stories of Pedregal: Christmas Tree Decorations at The Resort

The 2016 holiday season in Mexico brought with it a unique take on Christmas tree decorations at The Resort at Pedregal. With the resort grounds immaculately groomed with palm trees, lush lawns, and distinctive torote trees year-round, Christmas in Cabo San Lucas lends an exciting opportunity to showcase this shrubbery in a festive way. This year at The Resort at Pedregal, our torote trees were decked for Christmas in decorations inspired by the children of Mexico. The dazzling light and décor displays evoked the emotion of Christmas morning and the whimsy of youth, against the classic landscape of the Pedregal
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The Art of Taste 2016: Four Days of Decadent Dining & Drink in Cabo San Lucas

The Resort at Pedregal hosted one of its most anticipated events, The Art of Taste, over four days in October 2016. One of Mexico’s best food and wine festivals, The Art of Taste kicked off with a delectable Dia de los Muertos dinner and gala celebration featuring delicacies inspired by the flavors of Mexico and Baja California. The exclusive Art of Taste wine and food festival was limited to 140 guests, with a select group of master chefs invited from the international culinary world to share their craft, including Sonya Coté of Coté Catering in Austin, TX; Richard Reddington of
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Curandera Patricia of Luna y Mar Spa at The Resort at Pedregal

Stories of Pedregal: Patricia’s Story

Patricia Carreon possesses an innate ability to create harmony within the human body and mind, a lifelong gift that she generously shares with guests at The Resort at Pedregal. As a curandera at Luna y Mar Spa, Patricia provides a revitalizing experience that draws on the rich history and ancient traditions of Mexican folk healing. Even as a child Patricia had the unique capacity to fully absorb her surroundings and sense the inner workings of those around here. Recognizing this strong intuition, she went on to pursue metaphysical and energy work studies and trainings, in addition to an education in
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Ricardo Arroyo, Butler, The Resort at Pedregal

Stories of Pedregal: Ricardo’s Story

Ricardo Arroyo was born in Mexico City and has been part of our team since 2009. Ricardo’s role as a butler makes him an incredibly accessible, organized and at the same time professional figure in the resort. Butlers are responsible for customizing to the last detail the guest experience based on the guests tastes and to give them all the necessary attention throughout the guests’ stay and also after they leave. The Butler is the main contact with the guests within the resort and takes care of all their needs. Ricardo cultivated his passion for gastronomy and hospitality at university
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Eriberto Correa Morales, Pool Service Supervisor

Stories of Pedregal: Eriberto’s Story

Eriberto Correa Morales, Pool Service Supervisor, was born in Acapulco, Guerrero and is the 5th of 6 siblings. His love for hospitality started at a young age when he was living in Acapulco, but it wasn’t until 1992, when he started his career at the age of 21, his excitement and care for his guests moved him to choose this fantastic career. With a great thirst for knowledge and the guidance of his splendid colleagues, Eriberto immersed himself into hospitality, looking to provide guests with the best service and experience possible. Since Eriberto joined our team in 2009, when he first
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Pedregal Soaps 2

Stories of Pedregal: Desert Soaps From Baja California

Although The Resort at Pedregal is home to one of the most luxurious spas in Los Cabos, Luna y Mar, our suites also offer guests a spa-like experience with our selection of Desert Soaps. These natural soaps are handmade on a small ranch at the tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula using ingredients such as bark, herbs and flowers, each found in the surrounding desert. The ranch itself is as charming as its products, with houses constructed from local woods and stones, covered by a palm-thatched roof made from local desert palms. Some of the soaps you will find in The
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Stories of Pedregal: The Sea Turtle

You may have noticed our logo – a graceful sea turtle – but you might not know why we selected this animal to represent The Resort at Pedregal.   To us, the sea turtle stands as the perfect symbol for our resort, embodying resilience and persistence, two qualities that served the property well while rebuilding after Hurricane Odile. In fact, we were the first luxury resort to reopen after the hurricane came and left, and we came back better than ever after months of renovations and upgrades.   The sea turtle is a symbol of determination as well as navigation,
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The Resort at Pedregal Cabo. New years eve 2016. Julieta Amezcua Photography. (2 of 182)

Stories of Pedregal: Christmas Trees of Mexico

We’re surrounded by beauty and tradition year round in Cabo San Lucas, but at no time is this more true than near the turn of the year. Christmas in Mexico brings pure magic, with each state carrying its own rich traditions, customs and culture into the holiday season.   Here at The Resort at Pedregal, the nation’s diverse ways of honoring Christmas all find a particularly beautiful home. Explore the significance of Christmas trees from three different Mexican states, and discover why each is so magnificently unique at our resort in Cabo San Lucas.   The Meaning of The Christmas
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