Pedregal Soaps 2

Stories of Pedregal: Desert Soaps From Baja California

Although The Resort at Pedregal is home to one of the most luxurious spas in Los Cabos, Luna y Mar, our suites also offer guests a spa-like experience with our selection of Desert Soaps. These natural soaps are handmade on a small ranch at the tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula using ingredients such as bark, herbs and flowers, each found in the surrounding desert. The ranch itself is as charming as its products, with houses constructed from local woods and stones, covered by a palm-thatched roof made from local desert palms. Some of the soaps you will find in The
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Pedregal Foot Massage

Mexican Folk Healing at Luna y Mar Spa

Luna y Mar Spa is The Resort at Pedregal’s signature spa experience, offering a variety of treatments that draw from the ancient traditions and culture of the region. These traditions have been handed down from generation to generation throughout the community and are now available for our resort guests. One such tradition is the presence of a “curandero,” or a spa guardian. These wise healers will guide you to bliss and optimum health with rituals like foot cleansing, allowing you to escape and unwind while reaching rejuvenation throughout the process. Consider having a consultation with curanderismo for this truly unique
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